Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sherril and Cory's Colorado Wedding

Okay, so I know that my beautiful Sherril had a fantastic wedding in Colorado back in September. And I know that it is now November... sorry about that, but here are some pictures from her wedding. Believe me, the pictures don't do it justice.


When the florist arrived, there were flowers everywhere!  Absolutely beautiful!

This might be my favorite picture from the wedding.  Cory was so sweet, waiting patiently for the wedding.  I just had to capture this.  I am not a photographer, by any means, but I think this is cool.

Mrs. Joy Lynn and my mom both working hard to get everything ready.  My mom is literally swiping a bee off of the flowers that are for the bride.  It was pretty funny to watch.

There was wildlife everywhere, it was unbelievable!

It is getting close to start time.  Every one was so calm and nervous all at the same time.

Okay, It's time.

I can't help it, the best part of a wedding is the groom's face right when he sees her...

Pure Joy.

The vows were absolutly beautiful.  Words cannot describe.....

You may now kiss the bride!

There was a special time in the ceremony to honor the loved ones that could not be there with them.  These people were dearly loved, and dearly missed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing The Cory Basta Family!

I couldn't help myself... I think it is too funny that the only people trying to get this done were Cory and Sherril... :)

Much better...

Playing while the pictures were finishing up. :)

The wedding was beautiful, and the reception was a blast!  Those pictures didn't turn out so well.... Cory, Sherril, and Adian, we love you very much!

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