Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Fall Project

In all of my excitement of getting the patterns a couple of weeks ago, I have made my first dress from these patterns.

I started this dress last weekend, and really was hoping to finish it before school started, and wear it as a "First day of school" dress.  However, I was almost finished with it and tried it on without a hem.  I felt like it was too short for me to be able to wear it to school.  Full of disappointment, I left it unfinished and started school in a different outfit.  Over the week I realized that I had enough scraps to add an inch to the bottom of the dress to make that the hem (instead of shortening it to hem it, I added this to the bottom)

It was not a part of the pattern, I and I am proud of myself for problem solving.  Now I feel like this will be a great dress for school or church.  I know it is all black and I could have made it any color, but to be honest... this was the fabric that was cheap! :)


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