Saturday, August 25, 2012

What to be look forward to from my new hobby.

Now that summer is over, the time and energy that I had to put towards sewing will now be re-directed back towards my career.  However, one last trip to the craft store proved to be very useful!

The craft store was running a 1 day special on patterns.  All Simplicity patterns were only $1!  That is crazy cheap!  I got a little excited and ended up with 10 patterns (the store limit... or I might have gotten more)

Here are some projects that I might start to work on this fall:

I did get alot of baby stuff... and NO!  We're not pregnant!!!!  However, I have lots of friends in my life that are... so here are some things potentially for them :)

 In total, I did get some fabric and basics that I needed to add to my collection.  I spent about $60... but look at that savings!  I am kinda proud of myself :)

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