Tuesday, June 30, 2020


In the middle of a pandemic, I thought I'd take a chance to start blogging again.  Partially  to update the world on our life, and partially to give me a space to sort through my thoughts without children interrupting me.  Or at least the interruption could be considered a pause... and then I come back to my ideas to work through.  

Life is very different from the last time posted something.  I'll be sure and update as I can, but we have gone from 2 kids to 4.  I think I could end the post there. If that doesn't explain where I've been... nothing will. Lol. 

I moved from part time to full time teaching online, and Bryan had a career change a while ago and he is now working a Monday-Friday 8-4:30 job. Since this last March, (the start of COVID) he has been working from home. And it has been awesome 😍😍  This also means that how we use our time looks very different from how we used it back then.  Our time is full of glittler, dishes, lots of "what next" moments and memories I will cherish forever.  

Our kid jump is because of fostercare. I hope to share more about that soon.  I originally started this blog to share the craft-y things I made.  Then it became a sort of virtual photo album.  Then it became silent during my hiatus.  Now, I am hoping this will become a living document of the life Jesus has called me to live.  

My Etsy shop has taken of and keeps me busy on the reg. And I love it!  I really saw growth in the last year and was enjoying having something that was "mine."  HazzardousHousewife has given me a creative outlet and helped us meet some financial goals while allowing me to make something I find meaningful.  I enjoy making gifts people like to give others.  I pray over each item as I make it, for the giver and the receiver.  It is special to me.  It also has slowed down, thanks COVID. 

I am excited to share several projects we have completed here recently, from creative gifts to give to home improvements, to managing 4 kids and still liking them at the end of the day... I am excited to share what our life looks like with you.  

All in all, welcome back blog.  Welcome back.