Sunday, November 29, 2015


Just in case you missed it, Bryan and I just got back from Cochabomba, Bolivia. It was such a neat opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus along side our team.

The goal of our trip was outlined by building things.  We worked with the missionaries with Fundacion Esperanza at their boys home.  

The organization is currently running 5 homes: a baby home, a girls home, a boys home (2 houses on that property) and a transition home.  We mainly focused our work at the boys home, but we spent some time at the girls home and baby house playing with the children there.  

 While at the boys house, we built boxes for the boys to use as personal storage under their beds. The boys were able to "help" build them, and then allowed to paint the tops for a personalized finish.

We also built a ga-ga ball pit for the boys to play in the yard.

On Saturday of the trip, we help the Missionaries with their outreach of baby washing.

Words cannot accurately express what a Joy it was to serve along side my husband and team.  I will post more soon about the trip.

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