Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Annalee's 4th and 5th month

Months 4 and 5 kind of blur together for many reasons.  It was the end of school, the start of summer, life changes were happening as well as developmental milestones.  Here is a smorgasbord of our life for 2 months.  

I still took cuddles as often as I could.  If we didn't need to get dressed... you can count of the fact that we didn't.  Don't judge, be jealous! ;)

My Mother's Day gift was beautiful and hand-made. Along with a message as well!

Abigail has become very caring with her babies:

These are my all time favorite shoes and I want to remember them forever.

This was one of the last days of school:

After the school year ended, we headed to Austin for a family crawfish boil.  It was a blast!  

 Here was the first time she "fed the baby"

 One of Daddy's first off days, we went to Galveston to tour a Naval ship, it didn't work out, but we had a fun day anyway! 

Abigail named her car Daniel, and one of her favorite things to do was use a bungie cord and take him on walks.  

 Mama was in denial about putting up the "Taco"... but her head is not supposed to be popping up like that.  I was about time to put it away. 

I pray they are best friends, always. 


We had some unusal beautiful weather and tried to take advantage of the park before it got too hot!

This was NOT where I put her down.  Our life is about to change!

 We had a Chick Filet girls day! And that smile is because she got lemonade for the first time... that wasn't watered down!  She REALLY liked it!

Here we are practicing washing our hands.  I'm pretty sure she was singing Happy Birthday. 

 We had a wonderful family vacation, more details here:

Swim lessons are a blast!

Daddy's first attempt at a braid:

We really like Nutella.

Look at these precious headbands.  I added them to my etsy shop

"My Memaw" and "Papaw Two" came to visit.  They all took naps!

Whoops... I hit a trailer parked in front of our house, and Bryan fixed my mistake! 

We went to story time at the library and Abigail had a blast. 

She loves books and this time fell asleep while Daddy read to her.  That NEVER happens. 

This was Annalee's first attempt at Spinach.  She became a huge fan!

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