Saturday, September 26, 2015

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party!

Abigail's birthday pinterest board started shortly after she was born.  Here is the result of a little creativity, some time, and alot of help from the people I love.

I also made a last minute addition that turned out adorable.  My sister helped assemble :)

My sister-in-law made these precious cup cakes for everyone to enjoy.

Didn't they just turn out precious?

These few pictures didn't turn out the best (hey... I'm still learning my camera) But we had a veggie tray, pigs in a blanket, chips (in honor of Chips), a fruit salad and Minnie Mouse fruit and Oreos.  Who doesn't love a good oreo?

This might be my favorite overall DIY project.  Bryan found this on my pinterest board and made it for us!  The frame and ears are wood that Bryan cut out and painted.  I cut out the bow and polka-dots to match the other decorations.  Bryan did the cutting, painting, taping and even stand making!  It turned out so precious!

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