Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Chalk Paint!

I have bought into this crazy thing called "Chalk Paint."  I want to paint everything!  Here are two chairs that I painted for my sister in law.  I have 2 more just like them waiting to be painted and sold on my facebook page.  If you want to jump the gun and call dibs... get them fast!

The turquoise piece in the center is still for sale.  Asking $80. 


Look at the details on these chairs. 

The arms and legs are absolutely gorgeous!

The texture of the fabric stands out and makes the chairs even more ornate. 


I hope Jessica loves them as much as I do!

Bryan researched and found information about chalkboard paint.  He couldn't pass up the idea of putting our nursery chairs and making it a play table for someone.  I just loved how the table turned out.  We just posted it online yesterday and have already sold it. 

I mean... who doesn't need a chalkboard table?  Look at that preciousness!

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