Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Mother's Day 2015, what better time to have a party?  Bryan and I dedicated our precious Abigail to the Lord that Sunday and had the family over for lunch afterwards.  We picked up some fajitas on the way home and enjoyed the afternoon celebrating everything that the Lord has done. 

We had some special gifts for the ladies coming over.  Abigail is so lucky to have so many Godly women in her life.  I am so thankful for the women she has to look up to.  Each one of you is so special to our little family!

Here is my Mom's (Memaw) gift.  On Abigail's 6th month birthday I had a photo shoot and took some pictures with my mom in mind.  This was my dress when I was little.  My mom had told me that she had pictures of both me and my sister in this dress.  The original plan was to frame all three of these pictures together... but then I got to looking at the pictures my mom was talking about... and they were different dresses.  Whoops.  Abigail still looks pretty sweet if you ask me!

We also took some pictures to give Lori (Grammy).  She has a picture of Bryan and Marc (Papa) in these same outfits.  Just throw on a bow, and we're good to go! I thought these turned out sweet.  

We also gave Grammy a framed picture of all her kiddos in the bluebonnets.  We tried to keep this a secret, but I'm not sure how much of a surprise it actually was.  Abigail also wouldn't smile to save her life!

We had all of the gifts set out and ready for when people came for lunch.  My Mother's Day gifts were so sweet and heart felt.  The framed picture in the middle was one of my presents.  The sign says Happy Mother's Day.  Bryan surprised me with the picture he took himself. 

I also got this beautiful bouquet of flowers in Disney's Rescuers cups.  Bryan found these cups in a picture his mom sent him from an antique shop and he thought of me.  He is so thoughtful.  I am so lucky to have him and Abigail in my life.  My first Mother's Day was a special one!

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