Saturday, February 21, 2015

Picture from Month 4

So I realize that we are already in late February and 3 days past her being 5 months, but here is my iPhone dump! These are pictures from Dec 18-Jan 18 :)  This was a month full of family and Mama getting ready to go back to work.  Maternity leave was the best thing I have ever experienced

The outfit might have been a little big... #smallkidprobs

We went to to zoo lights on probably their busyest time of the year with the Harris'.  It was a little too much party if you ask me, but we had a great time... Once we got in. ;)

She actually loved the lights up until Bryan pulled out the phone. :) 

Chips loves her Aunt Erin!

This begins the Christmas extravaganza 2014! 

Christmas Eve breakfast at Great Mema's

Lunch at Mimi and Gramp's

Here are all the Hazzard great grandchildren.  These are the best we go!  Abigail for the win!  No promises for next year though!

Christmas Eve service with just the three of us. 

Christmas morning

Paco enjoyed his stocking too!

Christmas lunch at memaw and pawpaw's house.  She got to meet her Great Memaw and Great Papaw

Four Generations

Cuddled up Christmas night.  We are all in our Christmas Jammies.  You'll just have to trust me  ;)

The day after Christmas at Grammy and Papa's

Getting to meet her great Grammy.  Here is the 4 generation picture.

And a few more :)

Is Christ mad over yet...  I think so.

Watching Football with Daddy! This is crazy!

Family photo :) 

Rounding out the Christmas season with some special, precious pictures.  

Hey, it's hard being almost 4 months old!  

This was returning from my first day back to work. Bryan have everything under control. :)  It was a great day back, but even better to go home.

The first Saturday off... We stayed in our pj's all day and cuddled.

Went to our first silent dinner. She loved watching everyone move so much!  She'll be signing before we know it. 

Starting to hold her head up! Ms. Lisa sent me this picture.  It was the very first one of her holding her head up without have a complete fit!

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