Monday, December 22, 2014

Pictures from Month 3

Here is a Iphone dump of all pictures of Abigail.  We're a little smitten!  My poor phone... it's full and needs to be emptied... but who has time for that?
Isn't she precious!

We read our Bible stories everyday (or almost everyday).

I just love them!
Nathan wanted to hold her!

We're getting ready for Christmas!  I love seeing her in her little outfits!  Thanks Memaw and Aunt Erin!

This might be one of my all time favorite pictures of her!  I think it captures her sweet personality.

I wish someone loved this little girl.
Do we have to go in the car, again?

This is the first time she found her toes!  Sorry for the naked baby... It was one of those mornings. :)
We love this outfit!

Aunt Jessica took some family photos for us over Thanksgiving Break.  Thanks Aunt Jessica!


We got our Christmas tree out and up during Thanksgiving break, I can't belive I talked Bryan into it.  But with an infant... things take a lot longer.  And this way, we have been festive all season long.  Any bets on how long it takes to get put up? 
We went to see Santa, and we stole the show.
Dad added the bow to make her not look like a boy... and it was a big hit with Mama!

The Gilmore Girls theme song came on and she instantly turned her head to watch!  So proud.

Morning Snuggles. 
Sleeping under the Christmas Tree.  This is a family tradition.
So on 12/18 we had to go in for a 3rd weight check (someone is super skinny!) and this is what happens when you get Daddy and Abigail bored in the waiting room.

This is another all-time favorite.
We're playing with our best friend, Hannah at small group.

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