Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Newborn Pictures

My sweet Abigail is two months old.  I can't believe it!  I have a two month old.  Thank you Jesus for this sweet time with her.  Help me to enjoy the moments I have now, as each one is so special.  I know our time together is every changing.  I am looking forward to new milestones, but trying to cherish the ones we have now in the moment.  In my enjoyment of the last 8 weeks, I realized I forgot to post Abigail's newborn photos.  My Sister-In-Law has started a photography business at just the right time!  She is so talented.  She took our Maternity Pictures as well, but I think I like these better. ;)
Here is our little princess when she was 8 days old.
My Father-in-law is a volunteer fire fighter and he lent us his bunker gear.  These are a special gift to him.
I didn't get to make as many things as I wanted to before she was born, but I did get this onesie made just for her in honor of my Father-in-law.

 These next 5 might be my favorite that she took all day.



 My talented SIL also captured some very special moments during Abigail's first 2 days here on earth.  I am amazed at how our God brought this special one into the world.  Thank you Jessica for capturing our memories. 


Check out Jessica's photography page on Facebook or her website: http://www.jessicahazzardphotography.com

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