Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bags for Mandy

Here are more Christmas gifts that I couldn't share until after Christmas!

My ASL co-worker asked me if I could embroider 2 bags she had gotten at the nutcracker market for her for Christmas presents.  I agreed, but was really nervous. What if I messed them up? They were expensive bags for me to have an "oops" with.  Luckily, I had practiced on my sisters gift... and hey, that turned out alright.

The first one turned out great! It was stressful, but I was worrying for no reason. 

I felt a false sense of security doing the second bag, It has 3 mess ups that I was able to cover up as well as I was nervous about running out of thread.  All that to say, it still turned out adorable! 

Thanks Mandy for hiring me out, and thanks for having the confidence in me to do them.  I am so blessed to work with you!

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