Monday, December 30, 2013

Painting party for Maggie

In opening my Etsy shop, I had a fanatstic turn out with fantastic friends that volunteered to help! We knocked out 7 paintings that night :)

Kacee and Morgan were so helpful.  Jenn showed up towards the end for entertaining comic relief.  We painted for several hours, but it was a blast with friends. 

We got the 6 orders from the first day I was open finished, and 1 extra and ready to go. :) So if you're interested, but didn't want to overwhelm me with orders, feel free to place yours.  You can either order on esty, or if you're local and don't want me to ship it, you can just contact me to order. :)

Let's bring Maggie home. If you missed my first post about all of this, check it out

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